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Based in New Hope, PA, USA.



I look at the choice involved in human interactions and the dynamic chaos of relational creation. I think my work witnesses the shakiness as well as the fortitude of the human spirit in relational being.

Video as a medium does justice to the metaphysical tactfulness of our human experience as we navigate toward our free will realization of love.

Kristin Grey Apple received her MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and her BA in Studio Art from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.  She has participated in USA solo and group exhibitions, including at The Institute of Contemporary Art at University of Pennsylvania, Pterodactyl Gallery, Osvaldo Romberg Studio, Walter & Leonore Annenberg Gallery,  Gallery 8 and Gallery 128 at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Van Every Gallery in North Carolina.  In 2011, she received the Eagles and Angels Award from the Graduate Faculty at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and was one of three artists selected during the Third Annual Fourth Wall Panel Review at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  

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